createyourown pizza

Small Pizza (10”) 10.99 or Large Pizza (16”) 19.99
(Gluten Free or Cauliflower Crust – 10″ Only – Add $2.99)

Choose Your Sauce (One):
Classic Red, Vodka, Alfredo, Pesto Oil, Garlic Oil, Cajun Red Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, Boom Boom Sauce

Choose Your Cheese (One):
Shredded Mozzarella, Fresh Mozzarella, Feta, Ricotta, Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Goat Cheese, Shredded Cheddar, Shaved Parmesan
Extra Cheese add $1.99/Sm or $3.99/Lg
Vegan Mozzarella add $2.00/Sm or $4.00/Lg

Choose Your Veggies (UNLIMITED):
Fresh Mushrooms, Red Onion, Broccoli, Sliced Tomatoes, Diced Tomatoes, Spinach, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Roasted Red Peppers, Jalapeños, Peppadews, Banana Peppers, Artichokes, Black Olives, Green Olives, Kalamata Olives, Peas, Pineapple, Celery, Carrots

Choose Your Meat (ONE):
Pepperoni, Grilled Chicken, Ham, Meatballs, Sausage, Bacon, Turkey
Shrimp (Add $1.49/Sm or $2.99/Lg)
Extra Meat add $1.99/Sm or $2.99/Lg

Finish Your Pizza:
Basil, Balsamic Glaze, Grated Parmesan, Crushed Red Pepper, Cracked Pepper, Oregano, Sea Saltspecialty pizza

Cheese 8.79/15.89
Red Sauce and Shredded Mozzarella

Classic 9.99/17.79
Red Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, and Pepperoni

Margherita 9.99/17.79
Red Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella, Sliced Tomatoes, and Basil

White Pizza 10.99/19.99
Garlic Oil, Shredded Mozzarella, Diced Tomatoes, and Red Onion

A La Vodka 10.99/19.99
Vodka Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Peas, Sausage, and Basil

Spinach & Artichoke 10.99/19.99
Alfredo Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, Spinach, and Artichokes

Meat Lovers 11.99/20.99
Red Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, Ham, Bacon, Pepperoni, Meatballs, and Sausage

Cajun Shrimp 11.99/20.99
Cajun Red Sauce, Shaved Parmesan, Baby Shrimp, and Basil

Spicy Shrimp Scampi 11.99/20.99
Garlic Oil, Mozzarella Cheese, Garlic, Spinach, Banana Peppers, Baby Shrimp, Crushed Red Pepper, and Parmesan Cheese

Pepper Supreme 10.99/19.99
Red Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, Red & Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, and Jalapeño Peppers

Booming Buffalo 10.99/19.99
Boom Boom Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, Blue Cheese, Red Onion, Chicken, Hot Sauce, and Crushed Red Pepper

Greek 10.99/19.99
Garlic Oil, Shredded Mozzarella, Feta, Garlic, Red Onion, Spinach, Kalamata Olives, and Artichokes

Veggie 10.99/19.99
Garlic Oil, Shredded Mozzarella, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Red Onion, Diced Tomatoes, and Spinach

Pesto Chicken 10.99/19.99
Pesto Oil, Shaved Parmesan, Ricotta, Diced Tomatoes, Roasted Red Peppers, Grilled Chicken, and Grated Parmesan

BBQ Chicken 10.99/19.99
BBQ Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, Cheddar, Red Onion, Chicken, and Bacon

Chicken Alfredo 10.99/19.99
Alfredo Sauce, Shaved Parmesan, Grilled Chicken, and Grated Parmesan

Cheesy Bacon Broccoli 10.99/19.99
Alfredo Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese, White Onion, Broccoli, Chicken, and Bacon

Hawaiian 10.99/19.99
Red Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, Pineapple, Ham, Balsamic Glaze

Chicken Bacon Ranch 10.99/19.99
Ranch, Shredded Mozzarella, Chicken, Bacon

Oven baked, never fried. Slowly marinated to maximize flavor.

All sauces served on the side.

5 Wings 8.99

10 Wings 15.99

20 Wings 30.99

30 Wings 46.99


Hot, Medium, Mild, BBQ, Sriracha, Boom-Boom, Teriyaki,Sweet Chili, or Bleu Cheese